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60 SECOND INTERVIEW - Kieran Meeke talking to Maurice Amdur


Maurice Amdur was an actor and then had a successful business career before deciding to pursue his calling as a clairvoyant. He has worked in Hollywood and Britain with clients including famous actors, business people and heads of state. Maurice has starred in his own show in Las Vegas and made numerous TV and radio appearances.


My first question is...


Your nose is Leo but I think you're Aquarius, second week of February - the 10th?


No, February 8, but pretty good. How do you get your visions?


This is not an exact science. I get a considerable amount of information and I haven't a clue where it comes from. I look at someone's nose and know all about them.  Other times, I'll have a voice in my head.  Sometimes, I see it like a cinema screen; and sometimes, I just feel something.


What's the worst thing you've ever seen?


Sitting in a psychic fair and watching 20 fakes in the room lying to everybody.  On an individual level, I had someone here whose mother was dying of cancer, their sister was dying of cancer and they were about to cop it as well. I've had people who want to kill themselves.


What do you say to them?


Well, if you kill yourself, you have to come back through the universe and learn the same lesson.  So just deal with it now.


Do you ever not get a reading?


Never. I do it because I can do it. Of course, whether they want to hear what I've got to say is another question. There are some very sad people; people with terrible lives.


Why so much pain?


To learn, to evolve. If you stick your hand in a fire and it gets burnt, you won't do it any more.  You learn more through pain than through happiness. Very few people learn anything through happiness.


A lot of your Hollywood clients must be pretty happy.


Not at all.  You discover when you meet these idols that they're more damaged and hurt than you are. Most people who pick the entertainment industry are very damaged.  Tom Cruise is portrayed as an ultimate heterosexual man - yet he's under-height, under-built and there are all these rumours about his sexuality.  Mark Wahlberg is difficult, disturbed. He took a guy's eye out. Yet he's paid £10 million a movie. Demi Moore has spent millions on her body - an external rebuild I call it. The damage is inside but she hasn't looked at it.


How do you do an internal rebuild?


Look deeper inside yourself. Try to understand other people's pain. Don't judge; think what that other person is going through first.


Are certain signs good for actors?


Adrien Brody is a client and I told him last year that he was going to win the Oscar.  I knew because he was born on April 14. Sir Johri Gielgud was born on April 14 and so was Rod Steiger and they both got an Oscar the first time they came out in a big movie. Birthdays repeat stardom.  Russell Crowe and James Garner share the same birthday: April 7. It will be amusing to see if Russell's career dips back and forwards like Garner's did.  Colin Farrell shares his birthday with Clint Eastwood - May 31. You'll see their style of career repeat.


You've read for the US President.  Which ones?


The last three.  The current President shares his birthday with Sylvester Stallone and Fred Dwyer, who played Hunter on TV.  They even look a little alike in a funny way. Same day, same year, same time: July 6, 1946.  The last three Presidents haven't been that impressive.  But they're only people.  What I like about the current President is the way he'll cry in front of people. Then he'll go and murder thousands of people, which I don't approve of.


Any thoughts on Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein?


They're both alive and they'll both be found.


Dead or alive?


Hussein will die, but Bin Laden will use his money and influence to win a surprising victory.


Interview: Kieran Meeke

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