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 - Many thanks for my reading. It's helped me enormously and I can now 'move on' with confidence. - London, UK 


  - Thanks for my reading this morning. I feel that a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and feel positive, for the first time in a long time, about my future! - London, UK 


 - You are one of the world's best psychics - London, UK 


 - You have been remarkably right in your predctions ( although, I was still sceptical at the time) as you said - Mum was poorly - and I refused to believe you! Yes - she has cancer, still can't believe it. But she's over the majority of it. - London, UK 


 - What can I say, you really are as good as you say you are. The strangest thing is that I never even came to you for your psychic services. 1. You knew I had been previously married. 2. You knew I had 2 children. 3. This one really freaked me out you knew I was trying for another with my new wife and that she would shortly get pregnant. (Shortly after our meeting she became pregnant) 4. You predicted we were having a girl (we are) 5. You told me the new babies hole in the heart would close (It did) All in all considering I am only trying to sell your house, I think you have done a pretty amazing job. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family. - London, UK 


 - I wanted to thank you for the reading last night. You are an amazing person and a wonderful asset to mankind. I look forward to the life ahead of me because as I have always felt but not realized, it should be a quite worthy and admirable life. - London, UK 


 - Thank you very much for the reading you gave me. I do hope all you predicted comes true - especially those concerning the work situation and also the money. - Cornwall, UK 


 - When you told me I would move from my flat in Richmond to a place in London, I didn't believe it. I happily write to you from my new flat in NW London! Thank You! -- London, UK 


 - You're the real deal! -- Los Angeles, CA 


 - Thank you for your advice! I couldn't have been so successful without it. -- Reading, UK 


  - I would very much like to thank you for your time and for the reading you gave me. I very much enjoyed our conversation. Indeed too I very much look forward to your predictions. - Essex, UK 


 - Thanks so much for the reading. As I said, the new job has materialized as you said so let's hope the romance follows soon . . . congratulations again for your show! -- London, UK 


 - God bless you for spending the time to give me a reading. It was very enlightening and has made me feel so much better in myself. Things can only get better and I know that they will. - Norfolk, UK 


 - I'm not sure if I can say I am a complete believer, but what I can say is that by the time I left you I felt more positive about my future (and the fact that I actually had one!!) then I have in a long while. - London, UK 


 - Wanting to thank you for the reading. It was very helpful. - Harrogate, UK 


 - I just wanted to thank you for your reading. I was very impressed by your ability to see things happening around me at present and your accuracy at seeing things in my personal life now and in the future. I was so nice to see someone like yourself who is a really genuine and spiritual clairvoyant. - West Midlands, UK 


 - Brother you have been right all areas... - London, UK 


 - Thank you Maurice for my reading I thoroughly enjoyed it. It game me such a boost, I felt so positive. - Renfrewshire, Scotland 


 - Your insight to my year ahead has given me the push I need to reignite the gift I have, so I am going to get out there and just do it. - London, UK 


 - I am delighted with my reading - Rochdale, UK 


 - Thanks Maurice for helping us to make contact with James Cameron. Let's hope he's keen otherwise this jewel about the Titanic will be lost to the world forever. - London, UK 


 - Thank you so much for the reading. I felt much better after about what you said. - West Midlands, UK 


 - You were correct on things which had happened in the past! Thanks again for that. - London, UK 


 - Maurice I would like to thank you for my reading. I thought you go parts of my past spot on and hope you were right with my future to be. - Glasglow, UK 


 - The reading was 100% accurate and it is nice to know that things are finally starting to go my way. You are a lovely man with a wonderful gift with which to help others. - London, UK 


 - Thank you for your nice reading, my future definitely looks bright! I love your straight talking approach, please do ever change that. -- Germany 


 - You know you were SO right about pretty much everything you said. . . . you have a remarkable gift and ability. -- London, UK 


 - Many thanks for giving me your time, it was much appreciated. - Wales, UK 


 - I'm still reeling a bit from the experience! - London, UK 


 - I watched your brilliant show today and would love to know more on your film about candle burning and rituals. - London, UK 


 - Thank-you so much for all your readings and support - London, UK 


 - Thank you very much for the reading, I do feel a lot better for it. - London, UK 


 - Thanks again for a pretty astonishing experience! - London, UK 


 - You predicted that within 18 months I would meet a businessman and that it would be love. I did meet the businessman within the expiration of the 18 month period you predicted and I met him in the oddest possible manner! It is love, least I hope so.... - London, UK 





































Ron & Sara Jones

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